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We feel it was really important to stress the point that we have nurtured an idea in to a reality, starting from our very own kitchen! We are not a multi-national corporation or an offshoot of one, we like to think we are a youngish couple, who, quite blatantly, had an idea and ran with it.

We are a family run business and Horse-Vis has taken us 4 years to establish – having two children in the midst obviously elongated the project!

The story behind the initial idea…. After leaving my sister in laws village in Cambridgeshire late one autumn evening, we were all driving down a picturesque country lane and we fortunately swerved to miss an ‘invisible’ horse that otherwise we would have hit head on! The rider was wearing a high visibility vest, but as the horse stood taller than the car – it was almost too late! This was the beginning of our adventure; to create only high visibility horse wear for the horse that made it impossible to miss on roads, with more high visibility tape visible from behind the wheel than there was on the equestrian market, and that is exactly what we are doing!

Launching an idea not only for horse-riders but for horse-drivers as well, targeting every generation of horse lovers with a range of comfortable fleece harnesses, fully adjustable, to be able to accommodate every breed of horse, with an added advantage of being able to personalize each harness for your own horse!

The first pieces of fabric were measured and cut on our kitchen table! The initial attempt at both of us threading a sewing machine for our prototype probably tested us more than anything! However, single mindedness and sheer determination saw us to this point! And the fact we found a brilliant machinist!

Since those early days, Horse Vis has gone from strength to strength, we now manufacture an entire range of hi viz horse riding clothes, clothes comfortable and wearable enough for leisure wear but with the added hi viz safety element, in addition to our original, and ever popular hi viz harnesses.

As the business grows we find ourselves adding further ranges to help keep horses and their riders safe. Why where traditional high-vis apparel when you can wear a normal casual item of clothing that is dual purpose? When the night closes in the horse-vis logo reflects any light shining onto it!

Our products speak for themselves and with a wide variety of colours they are suitable for any age. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to keep up to date with all of our new product launches, or simply check the website from time to time, where you can order all of the hi viz horse wear online!